Acision Secure Communications

Formerly known as MindMatics Secure Messaging, we power secure, industry-
leading, multi-channel communication solutions for top global companies

Financial Services

forge by acision offers a suite of secure messaging services plus infrastructure to help financial services providers alert and authenticate end-users and engage in two-way conversations with their customers.


Acision's smart communications products are designed to help travel and hospitality companies retain customers and optimize efficiencies with contextual, real-time communications.


With Acision's innovation-assured suite of APIs and SDKs, retailers can react to consumer trends quickly and provide high quality, seamless communication between various aspects of the shopper experience, including product discovery, purchase and post-purchase support.


With Acision's innovation-assured suite of APIs and SDKs, telemedicine providers can assist patients living in remote or isolated communities and healthcare practitioners can more effectively share information and discuss patient support without the need to travel to different locations.

Contact Centres

With forge by acision, richer customer service experiences are now possible and companies can launch contextual services quickly, and watch measurable cost-reduction and improved customer retention and engagement.

Mobile Apps

fuseMe and Trustego by Acision enhance and secure enterprise mobile engagement, by providing a single application interface for sophisticated in and outbound consumer interaction and employee communication.